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Quality Plant Nutrition Products

  • Soil Ammendments
  • Custom & Control-Release Dry Fertilizers
  • Custom Clear Liquid Fertilizers
  • Premium Foliar Nutrition
  • Phosphite-Based Systemic Fungicide

A prospective Liberty Acres customer will quickly realize that they are dealing with much more than a "normal" fertilizer company. The first thing noticed is that our field salesmen represent both companies, Liberty Acres and TriEst Irrigation. We believe it is critically important to understand how both irrigation and plant nutrition compliment one another in order to gain maximum benefit from both.

We often refer to low volume irrigation systems as "plant nutrition delivery systems". This is due to the dramatic gains in yield, quality, growth, plant health, or whatever other parameter(s) being used to gauge success offered by proper incorporation of fertigation systems. Our experience in nearly every crop grown across the southeastern US has resulted in the knowledge to implement systems that supply balanced (and effective) nutrition. This is done while minimizing over-application of both nutrient and water, resulting in the maximum return on the dollar invested into both irrigation and plant nutrition systems. Our customers enjoy the opportunity to also receive detailed weekly recommendations for plant nutrient and irrigation inputs, adjusted to actual environmental conditions free of charge. It is more than a service we provide, it insures you are getting the most out of the products you buy. After all, the best products ever made are useless if not used properly.

For crops grown under systems other than low volume irrigation, we have unique and inventive plant nutrition systems. These systems, including uniquely blended liquid fertilizers and custom dry blended combination control-release fertilizers, offer the grower easy-to-manage approaches to obtain maximum quality and yield. These approaches are customized to the crop, climate, and growing systems, but don't lose sight of production costs.

In the end, we are a company determined to help our grower-customers increase high quality yield and final profitability. We incorporate the latest technologies and approaches in a well rounded system of irrigation and plant nutrient management. We'll be happy to consult via email, phone, or on-site visits. Contact us today and see what Liberty Acres and TriEst Irrigation can do for you.

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