Liberty Acres Services

Liberty Acres is a leader in the crop nutrition industry. Our crop growth management solutions have helped countless growers maximize their total profitability by increasing their crop yields. We work with our growers to create custom nutrition programs based on their crop and soil types and blend specific types of fertilizer to integrate with their chosen fertigation solution.

Our vast selection of fertigation products includes:

  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Dry fertilizer
  • Foliar nutrition
  • Systemic foliar products
  • Organic acid products

Our professionally certified agronomists and knowledgeable staff can provide you with site-specific support as well as with guidance on how to best utilize the custom solution created to meet your needs.

Our innovative approach to fertigation and crop management can help you:

  • Maximize crop yield and overall quality
  • Reduce water and nutrient waste
  • Coordinate your irrigation and injection systems to maximize yield
  • Maximize your overall return on investment

We have experience in working with almost every crop grown in the Southeast United States and can provide plant nutrition advice to growers with operations of all sizes and soil types. When you choose Liberty Acres as your fertigation partner, we not only provide you with a customized solution to help you improve crop yield, but can also provide you with detailed plant nutrition schedules and irrigation plans created specifically for your environment (weather, soil composition, etc.).

Liberty Acres also works with growers who are using methods other than low-volume irrigation. We can craft a plant nutrition plan that combines uniquely blended liquid fertilizers with dry blended control-release fertilizers to obtain maximum yield and crop quality.

No matter which type of irrigation you’re using, Liberty Acres is ready to help you implement a strategy to grow your crops and your bottom line. Contact us today.